Tuesday, 8 January 2013

@Tutor Phil - Quick question...

Hello Phil, I've been brainstorming a few ideas but I'm a bit confused about how simple or complex I should go that still contain the strenght of a good narrative, without disturbing the requirements of a good animated short story.

So I've found two examples of short animations (I'm not focusing on the quality of the animation but the story content.)

Video 1 - This sort of narrative structure/ story is along the lines I'm thinking of, simple but effective. A few characters (including the vending machine), not much dialogue purely interaction, no drastic change in environment, no appareant indication of there being a world around this small story. I personally prefer this type of short story telling in animation but I don't want to create a story that is wrong. It is simple yes, but I think it strikes the right notes on a 3 act structered story.

Video 2 - This video seems much more in depth than the other one (I'm ignoring the fact its 6 minutes long) and theres a lot more going on, a visible world etc and although it follows a structure is this the wrong type of 3 act structure that we're aiming for?
To me there seems to be a physical difference in an animted Short and an animated short Film. This one is much more film like. It's been done on a much larger scale than the first video. But is this too complex and not what the brief is after?

So my question is if a simple but well planned out story, backstory etc would be a bad idea?
and are we aiming to create ones more like the first video than the second?

Thanks very much :)


  1. Hey Matt,

    Okay - well, I'd suggest the story is king, so resolve a great story and I'm sure the structure will follow. The vending machine film is a nice example of a story deriving from a stripped-down situation - and yes, I've seen stories like this derive from this brief with great success. If you're suddenly dealing with loads of characters and loads of scenes etc. for a one min animated short, then you're probably barking up the wrong tree, but start with stories, characters and situations; no doubt we can whittle it down to the perfect structure.

  2. Okay, that gives me more idea on the complexity we're looking at. The vending machine short sis more striking to me than the other, I personally prefer that kind of set up-knock down approach but at the same time I don't want to look lazy in doing so. So basically I should start off with a good story brimming with subtance and wieght than carve away at it to make it work as a short.
    I'll post some more of my story ideas and see wht everyone thinks. I've now learnt that collaboration is key.