Thursday, 10 January 2013

Story Telling - Tempory framework

Influential Suggestion

This translates into:
Beginning - The character is lying dead on the Morgue table with a fishbowl on his head.
Middle - This tells the story as to how he ended up like that.
End - The story turns full circle and leads up to the point just before the beginning.

This non linear structure creates a vast amount of ideas and possibilities.

After speaking to Phil It inspired me to think of differently structured ideas. This then gave me a framework/mesh to start out with and wrap different ideas around it. This makes it non biased because the beginning will not be effected by what ever happens in the middle. It gives me somewhere to start from at least. I'm not completely set on this just yet though.
Also by using this mesh frame work I can test my fresh ides to see what works, what doesn't and what can be added.


  1. Matt I really like the whole concept that the beginning is in fact the end, it gets the viewers attention right away thinking "what has happened here?". Really interested to see what you come up with for the unfortunate man's death. Are you thinking comical? a serious death? just plan crazy? as you said there are many possibilities. He may not necessarily die from the fish bowl, the death could involve a fish/fishes but the bowl could just fall on his head at the end for a little gag :)

  2. The theme I'm sticking to is cartoon comedy because you can create some ridiculous things with that. Also I don't like depressing deathly things, so when I got a Morgue as my location I instantly thought of a story that was much more positive and funny.