Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Story Telling - Research and Influences

The Vending Machine by Christian Straubinger - This is my idea of a good animated short. This influence is a major one as I want my story to turn out like this, not just simple but a typical animated short with a strong, clear and structured story. I like how the story starts with the introduction to the characters (including the vending machine), then it presents the problem and it finishes with the resolution. I can't get this type of story structure out of my head because it screams at me how true to the brief this is. It has a short and sweet but punchy story.

This a teaser for Pixar's upcoming animated short The Blue Umbrella. I love the idea and the imagination behind this and the storyline is a good influence because it shows you that you don't have to restrict yourself to what is "normal" and an ordinary story.

Another short from the amazing minds at Pixar that focuses on how comedy and the unexpected can be injected into a story without the need of the obvious like verbal dialogue. The use of body language and comedy highlights the mood of the animation and underpins the story

(N.B These are just a selection of video I am looking at. I'm also designing a PowerPoint to put my research on to but as I only have one post at the moment I'm going to upload my next bit of research as individuals posts. When I've got enough I'm going to reupload the posts as one PowerPoint document.)


  1. I think you've got a good instinct for what a one minute animation needs to be, Matt - trust your instincts; how about these as great examples too:

  2. I love these examples, especially REACH, thats inventive. Theres something about this form of storytelling that really captures my imagination. I don't know what it is but I feel more engaged with this kind. As for the Last one I really like the style of animation. I did a project in college a little similar to unconventional animation styles and enjoyed it, so I will think about the style choice for my story. I've seen the Kiwi one before, I like that one. I'm getting my ideas down at the moment and I am definately sticking to this kind of storyline. So I'm settled on the theme of my story. I'm Just juggling around different combiations. I've got more brainstorms and posts to upload still.