Friday, 11 January 2013

Story Telling - Like for Like Storyboard Shortlist...


There are too many great films to choose from so I've shortlisted ten films that I think can achieve very vivid and energetic storyboards. The predominant theme I've chosen to storyboard on is fast paced action shots like fight scenes etc.


1: Kill Bill

Famed for Tarantino's obsession with blood and fight scenes, Kill Bill is packed full of fights, over the top action and gory deaths. So I would be spoilt for choice for a scene to use. This could translate into a high energy storyboard.

                                                                         2: Up

This animation contains a host of different camera angles from various heights. It also has the intriguing storyline to go with it. I particularly like the scene where the house first sets off on its adventure as the camera pans out, the angles change a lot and there is a good shot on composition as the house travels through the city.

3: Toy Story

In my opinion one of the most influential animations ever made. The creation of Toy Story paved the way for the new generation of the way animation would be created and consumed. There are two scenes I have in mind: One where Woody first meets Buzz and when Buzz proves he can fly. Theses scenes are very interesting to me.

4: The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne series are  good example because they are renowned for their revolution of how action films are shot by using their method of close hand, gritty fight scenes.

5: Ip Man

No shortlist that mentions fight scenes could not be complete without at least one martial arts film. This one in particular is very modern in the approach compared to traditional "flying" martial arts films and contains some amazing scenes encroached in a deep storyline.

6: The Incredibles


I chose The Incredibles because it has quite major action scenes packed inside of it. I also want to do a storyboard for an animation so this one is a potential candidate. It has elaborate scenes too due to the maniacal and destructive Syndrome character.

7: The Amazing Spider Man (2012)

This much needed revamp of the comic book hero includes really good cg shots from dizzying heights. It has cut a little away from the volume of fight scenes but they do follow the "Bourne" way of filming Action shots.

8: Hunger Games

This adaptation tells the story of an unexpected winner of the annual death Olympics. The story unfolds close hand drama and grisly but realistic fight scenes.

9: The Matrix

Another highly influential film, The Matrix packs a mean punch in terms of action and cinematographic value. It includes the ground breaking technique called bullet time which has preserved this film forever because although it was made in 1999 it still competes with ease against modern day films. I might even use this aspect in my animation. With plenty to chose from I might go for a bullet time scene where Neo takes on the Agents.
10: Ratatouille

The scene in this film I'd storyboard would be when the head chef tries to kill Remy after he is seen in the kitchen. The change of pace in camera angles and the composition of the scene is really interesting because you see the world from the perception of the rat as well as humans. The Character Linguini is an influence on my initial Window Washer character, so it would be good to research that aspect of the film.

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