Thursday, 10 January 2013

Story Telling - First Ideas

Story ideas - Initial

So here I am with my first set of ideas. At first I thought about uploading really rough quick ideas but in hindsight it will be better to upload slightly worked ideas to help give them a formed shape, however I'm still only on the rough initial idea stage at the moment. Some ideas are less worked on than others because I'm trying to get all my ideas out before I forget. Also, I want to dip into character backstories to give these ideas more depth. So here they are:

Idea 1:

Logline: The dim Window Cleaner succumbs to the tricks of the witty Fish.

Conflict: The Fish wants to become an obstacle for the Window Cleaner.

Goal: To clean the Windows of the dilapidated Morgue.

Draft Treatment:
The Window Cleaner is busy working on his latest assignment. The refurbishment of the Town's old run down morgue. He starts cleaning the windows and tries to ignore the fact that this place is deserted and very eerily quiet. Time slowly slips away. Suddenly he hears a noise that brings his attention off from his work and onto his surroundings. He looks around violently before he laughs to himself at the thought of being scared by a noise and turns back to carry on cleaning his windows. Moments later he hears another noise, much louder and with more conviction than its predecessor, followed by demonic shadows. This scares the life out of the Window Cleaner and drives him to sprint ruthlessly as fast as he can to the exit, he looks behind him as he nears closer and closer, he turns his head and collides into his freshly cleaned glass doors. The impact of the blow knocks the helpless Window Cleaner out. Whilst the character is sprawled out on the dirt ridden floor, the camera tracks away from the scene and starts to trace back to the origin of the supernatural activity. It moves through the twists and turns of the room. The camera track stops at the foot of a dusty Fishbowl with the inhabitant laughing hysterically with his fins moving in a wierd way, it dawns on the audience that the fish was the one creating the shadows and the noises.

Klaus the fish from American Dad would be a close influence.

There are reasons as to why the fish is like this but it hasn't been identified in his backstory yet. Suggestions would be very helpful to mould this idea!


  1. Hey Matt - this idea is making sparks - good; but there's a slight problem in that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that there should be a goldfish bowl in a morgue! One test that you're using - or not using - your objects in a properly combined way is this; if the object/character/place isn't being used in a truly combined way, it could be replaced with something else and your story won't change; so, for example, if we were to replace the goldfish bowl and fish with a guinea pig in a cage, your story would be exactly the same, but the same logic problem would arise; i.e. what is the relationship between the guinea pig in the cage and the dusty old morgue? What I do like about this first idea is the twist in the third act - something to bank!

    Time maybe to think sideways again; what happens if your story starts off in the morgue, with a dead windowcleaner wearing a goldfish bowl on his head, and the story is told as a flash-back?

    Or what if your story is, in fact, set in a fish world? Fish window-cleaner anyone? Fish morgue? (Pleco fish)

    How about telling story from Fish pod - imagine what it would be like to be a fish and see someone cleaning the outside of your fishbowl - the shock might be enough to kill you...

    and so on... :)

  2. Well I could justify the fishbowl by setting it in a pet shop. The window washer ends up in the morgue after he dies in the pet shop. The shop could be either full and bursting with life or deserted and riddled with dust perhaps.