Monday, 21 January 2013

Story Telling - First Ideas 4

Ideas 4 - Hero time

On the train ride home from Uni I was brainstorming ways I could approach this project. One theme in particular stood out, the Super Hero genre. So I thought of a few ways I could go about it. As my character is a window cleaner I find it interesting to try and adapt him into a hero fresh from the pages of a comic book.
These are very basic ideas and don't have much septh to them, but I wanted to see if anything stood out for me before I go full out on a wasted idea.
Idea 5:

I played around with the different combinations that can go with this theme:
  • An alternate universe where Window Washers are heroic celebrities
  • A world where the character imagines he is a super hero window washer (self confessed hero?)
  • Is a dream that the character wishes he could achieve
Version 1:

The story begins with dramatic music and a camera shot zoomed in at the feet of a silhouetted mysterious character, his 'cape' is rippling in the wind and his 'weapons' are by his side. The camera pans out as a narrator starts describing "The Worlds greatest Hero" etc. As the camera gets to the head of the character, it reveals the identity, the silhouette disappears, the music cuts out and the narrator then cuts out as he begins to read the words 'Window Washer' which fuels him to stop his narration and ask his team of staff if the information is correct. The camera cuts to the character's face again and shows him in deep thought as he prepares himself for the villainous Window...

*Intro narration could be a character monologue of how he sees his job - passionate jobs worth
get example of a character from a film who does something similar

Version 2:
The story is set in a world where every kid grows up aspiring to be the greates hero on earth - The Window Washer. An alternate universe where window washing is more prestigious than being a talented sports star or a belove super hero.

Version 3:
Mop Man is an idolised super hero who protects the world from the terrors of dirt.

Version 4:
Is set in our world and shows the story of the young man who is obsessed with becoming a super hero. Whilst he is working he looses himself into his imagination. As he is busy fighting The Dirt villain and his evil accomplice Fish Head, all in his head, the story cuts to the destruction he is causing in the real physical world and the mess thats left behind because of it.

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