Sunday, 13 January 2013

Story Telling - First Ideas 3

Initial Ideas

Whilst we were messing about with Adobe Story today we were told to write a really short script to get our heads around the programme. It was during this that I thought of a new idea for my story.
Idea 4:
Alternate beginning -After seeing Mr Washee's ad in the paper guaranteeing "no job is too big satisfaction every time", the mysterious (anonymous) customer commissions Mr Washee to a job he needs done. A Few days later Mr Washee is walking down the street clutching the customers job address in his hand. He meticulously scans the shops and door numbers until he comes to the right place. What he is met with makes him double check the address to the one the customer gave him. It wasn't wrong. Mr Washee looks up at the old run down shop front. The sign that probably once hung so proudly above the building had corroded into un readable and barely recognisable text. He looks up at the vastly imposing Window. He has to clean it, he always has customer satisfaction. He's never failed......
This one shows the story of the humble Window Washer who happens to walk past a run down pet shop. The state of the giant window grabs his attention and places it on to the infamous old shop.
The Town's once famous shop which had attracted hundreds of visitors every week due to the spectacular and gigantic window display was now dilapidated. The many delights and wonders of the pet world would be on show and be seen for miles. The extravagance gained the Pet Shop Owner vast notoriety. He sat proudly outside of his shop as visitors bustled inside and the cash register would never stop ringing. But as time went by the now Old Pet Shop Owner almost completely disappeared and his mysterious vacancy drove the shop to deterioration. In the current day the Pet Shop lays in complete desertion. As the Window Washer opens the rusty door he is inundated with the sheer isolation and run down state that the shop now finds itself in. He looks around the near empty room covered in a thick blanket of dust and specks of rust that sparkle like a small haze of bright orange. The empty bird cages stacked on top of each other create a tower of clutter on the floor. Something else catches the Window Washers eye. A big, lonely and dust blanketed fish bowl sits on the only intact table. The fascination and wonder spreads through the mind of the character. Could this be linked to the demise of the shop? is a thought that goes through the mind of the Window Washer as he prepares himself. He stretches out a long thin finger and wipes away some of the dust to see if their is any inhabitant. After a brief pause he sees the shimmer of gold flick through the murky (or surprisingly clean) water. This shocks Mr Washee and makes him jump backwards. This humours the Fish. Mr Washee decides to ignore this strange sight and heads towards the filth ridden window. Hours pass and he is almost finished. As he takes one final step back to look at his hard graft he notices a small patch of dirt left over in the top corner of the window. He lets out a short burst of anger, then sighs and walks over to it. At first he attempts to reach it but can't from the floor. The situation slowly starts to creep into his patience and annoy him...
He tries many different ways, each one fails and drives him angry. The last one ultimately kills him and it involves the goldfish.
The story goes in full circle and ends just before the point it started. With Mr Washee laying dead on a morgue table with the gold fish bowl jammed on his head
  •  He gets so angry that he punches the glass but he polished it so enthusiastically that his fist is rebounded by the glass and hits himself in the face which sends knocks him out and he trips up backwards. His head lands in the fishbowl where he remains still. Scene cuts to beginning.
  • He gets so annoyed by the fish' constant laughing that he goes to throw the bowl at the window but it rebounds back and hit him
  • What catastrophes could happen to a cartoon window cleaner?
N.B specify the attempts. How do they happen? What are they? How do they fail? how does it effect him? What kills him?

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