Thursday, 10 January 2013

Story Telling - First Ideas 2

Initial Ideas
Here are my other ideas. At the moment I'm not holding back on a particular idea, I'm thinking of ways that are completely different to the each other to give me the widest range possible.
At this moment in time I do have a favourite framework I'm working to. At the same time I hope I don't fail in what I'm trying to get across and end up making it severely boring and bland by focusing heavily on the window washing theme. But at the same time since looking at some influences, most of the stories are quite basic, there just told nicely.
Idea 2:
After speaking to Phil he put an idea across of using an ending as the beginning and story set up shot. So after taking this suggestion on board I thought of an idea.
The story starts with The Window Washer laying dead on a table of the Town morgue with a fishbowl on his head. The story then goes on to explain how the Window Washer ends up in this predicament.
I have many different versions to how he could have done this. I think I will stick with this non linear framework for now and see how I can justify my choices.
Version 1:
In a town where becoming an honoured window washer is more glamorous than being a famous film star, The Dopey Window cleaner sets about his daily routine as normal when he comes across the dirtiest window of them all. The biggest prize in the world of the window wash. He sees this as his opportunity to prove himself to his army of doubters that include his own parents. Since the beginning of his youth he has always been the bad egg of the group, the underachiever. His years in Window Washing school were filled with being made fun at for his poor displays. His own father, Mr Washee, the Town's most famous washing master celebrity is ashamed that he can be linked to such a dismal son. So as he looks up at the infamous window of doom, inspiration drives him to take up the challenge. He manages to produce one of the best performances of his career, one that would catapult him to stardom. Just as he closes on in sealing his new found fate he notices a small amount of dirt left in the upper corner of the window. He lets out an almighty cry of despair. He feels he is so close to achieving his dream and making his father proud and thinks nothing will stop him. Come on, it's only a small amount, what can be so difficult about that? So the window washer attempts to clean it but he can't stretch enough to reach it, so he slowly strains and the camera angle switches to a close up side view of his face and hand as his index finger slowly but carefully (and goes back and forth to his face and to the dirt, building up anticipation. Tracking his trembling hand as it gets millimetre close before he looses his footing and smashes to the ground with a bang) comes within touching distance but he can't reach it, the strain on his body takes its toll and he crashes to the floor. This pushes him over the edge and he tries different attempts to get to the dirt but each one fails, driving him angrier and more determined.  I'll find a good example of this soon. His last attempt proves fatal and it involves a fishbowl. Not sure how yet but I will develop this idea to find out how it happens.

Another example of Character driven animation
with them trying to prove themselves.

How to Train your Dragon follows the
story of the son of a famous Viking warrior
who tries to prove his worth. This is an example
of what is driving my character in Version 1.


Version 2:
Quite like version 1 but with a different backstory and with out an important window. It would just be a plain old window he comes across has he's cleaning. The task he is set with every week, there's not much difference until today. His stupidity but funny actions cause him to become the cause of his own death. The animation goes on to show his many attempts at removing the dirt (shot fast paced and using cut shots) before succumbing to death from his last extreme attempt.
Version 3:

This time I looked into traditional cartoons like Tom and Jerry, but maybe mixed with the comedy deaths in Itchy and Scratchy. Always being killed off in the episodes but seems to make a comeback for the next episode. A never ending comedy feud between two main characters, Jerry being the antagonist and Tom being the one who ALWAYS seems to lose and end up worse off. So this type of structure sparked an idea. Why don't I have The fish in the bowl as a Jerry character and the Window Washer as a protagonist? So the Window Washer ends up dead (supposedly or for real) due to the cat and mouse games between the two. The Fish could be stopping the Window Washer from getting on with his task; to finish cleaning the windows. The squabble goes on between the two of them for a while due to the Window Washer reacting to the antagonistic Fish. I am going to expand this idea as the next thing I do as I can feel the potential in this. It doesn't feel bland when I explain it whereas the other versions sound great in my head but not so amazing and exciting typed out.

An influence on story structure for Version 3
N.B I might also mix certain elements from each idea/version to create a better version.


  1. I actually do like version 1 with the whole struggle of the seemingly simple task to wash a window of dirt. When it comes to incorporating your fish in the story what sprang to mind for me was someone coming out of a neighbouring pet store carrying a fish bowl with a fish in it and walks past the struggling window cleaner and then you could think of something that happens there like a collision for example? Also maybe the fish element hasn't got to be alive? Possibly a van full of raw fish could pull up on the curb right where he is working and it stinks! And he hates the smell of fish - that could certainly spark something? Oh and I also read Phils comment on an earlier post about looking at it from the fishes perspective, in a fish world - I actually think that would put a great spin on things so definitely something to think about :)

  2. Hahaha that's a wicked idea. I'm actually going to expand on those idea's. I never thought of having the fish bowl used in my story like that. Cheers Alex :)