Saturday, 19 January 2013

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Possible Final idea

This is my potential final idea, it needs to be fine tuned more though and chiseled into a final product but I can sense the potential from this idea. Everything in my story can be justified.

Brief Summary:
Window washer (Insert name) is commissioned to clean the main display window of a very important and prestigious Art Gallery (Insert Name). He starts cleaning it but gets distracted by a golden gleam in the reflection of the glass. Turns around and sees the gallery's main piece; A golden Fish suspended inside a see-through platinum fish bowl. He is fascinated by the beauty of it. He goes to touch it very lightly which causes it to explode (or violently falls of the pedestal). He freezes in the same position and dumbfoundedly looks around. He opens the newspaper he walked in with and stares at the front page; it reveals the time that the gallery opens and has an article on the fish bowl which reveals the value of it. The Window Washer freaks out. OR - The Window Washer panics.
He opens up the paper he brought with him and reads the front page, it has an article about the gallery's Gold Fish and estimates it's value at £20,000,000 (camera cuts to P.O.V shot of the front page). The Window Washer freaks out.
He is looking around the
room, he notices a banner that is hanging up (along with many other celebrations to welcome the opening day of the gallery) on the ceiling, he spots the opening time and he looks at his watch (camera cuts to close up of the time) and realises he only has 15 minutes until the doors open and the world's media and most important guests turn up to see the prized asset. He stands around thinking of ways to fix it and comes up with an idea. He starts to imagine how his ingenious idea will look: which is to re weld the gold into a fish and put it back into the bowl he will painstakingly glue back together piece by piece. However, it doesn't actually turn out that way. So as he is fixing it the doors fly open and the owners, gallery manager etc come in, bustling with noise and excitement, their excited faces drop and the atmosphere goes dead as soon as they catch sight of the window washer standing next o a badly drawn fish inside a sellotaped glass bowl. The camera switches to a close up of the Window Washer gulping. Then it cuts to him laying on a morgue table and the story finishes full circle.
  • Mr Washee is commissioned to clean the main window of an exclusive and visiting art gallery
  • Gets distracted by Gold Fish art piece that's reflected in the window he is cleaning
  • Goes to touch it and it explodes
  • Sees it in the newspaper (or googles it on his phone) that it is worth millions
  • Realises he only has 15 minutes to put it right
  • Thinks he has an ingenious idea after his others don't work: He begins to replace the Gold Fish by drawing a poorly done picture of a fish in a sellotaped fish bowl
  • As he is doing this the door opens and the owner walks in and the camera only shows the anger on his face before the shot changes
  • The camera cuts to a close up of Mr Washee's face as he gulps
  • Story goes full circle and ends as it began


  1. Where's the morgue, Matt? And also, the goldfish bowl could be any object in this story idea - it's not actually giving you anything...

  2. Hey Matt,

    See link!

    Cheers! :D

  3. The morgue is in this story, I forgot to say that I'm still having the ending at the beginning. The first shot is of the window washer in the morgue with a fish bowl on his head. This post explains why he ends up in the morgue, then the story ends how it started.

  4. Oh hang on, blogger hasn't included the rest of the text that I had originally included