Monday, 28 January 2013

@Phil - Quick Idea

Last Minute Ideas.....
I'm torn between going forward with my current idea or develop an idea that you and Alex suggested. My current idea, which in short is a window washer who breaks an expensive solid gold (the irony) fish in a platinum bowl whilst on a commissioned job. The owners walk in during the reparation work that is almost complete but it is pathetically shoddy and the scene cuts to him dead on a morgue table.

However it seems to have lost its shine for me so I've been looking at the Suicide bunny cartoons and it's given me Three ideas:

1: The Window Washer is the "night cleaner" who goes around the Aqua World (like Sealife) after closing time cleaning all the glass of the tanks. One particular night he ends up getting tricked into cracking the shark tank by an aggressive bullying shark who's been trying to eat him for years since the window washer accidentally poisoned his tank with glass Anti-Freeze. The shark tries winding up the window washer so that he will get angry and hopefully fight the shark. The Shark spends the duration of the night getting in the way (on the other side of course) and creating dirt from the inside to trick the window washer and irritate him. The window washer eventually succumbs to the tricks set by the shark and starts hitting the glass where the shark's face is. The shark stays motionless staring at the window washer until a small grin appears on his face when the shot reveals a small crack appearing on the glass. The scene then cuts to the window washer laying dead on a morgue table with a shark on his head and mostly down his body (in a comical way).

2: Inspired by the Suicide Bunny cartoons, The window Washer could be a relatively shallow character (so that there is no audience attachment by having a deep back story) who keeps trying to kill himself relating to windows and fish bowls/aquariums and fails every time. So the irony is he's too stupid to even kill himself?

3: Same story but this time the suicidal character is the goldfish in the bowl/aquarium and does everything he can to make the unaware and unimportant Window Washer kill him. I.e throwing himself into the bucket etc. The punchline is that the fish's failed suicide attempts actually end up killing the unsuspecting Window Washer.

I'm torn between the 4 options and its driving me nuts. So please can you give a thumbs up for one and then I can settle my doubts?

Thanks very much

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  1. Come on Matt - I want to see some work on here asap! Please don't put yourself into a vulnerable position; there's no need. I want something on here by Monday night. Don't disappoint.