Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year Project - Unit 3 Story telling

Unit 3 Story telling project
New year and a new project but this time the focus is on story telling which leads onto the pre production of an animated short. On brief day we chose randomised elements that would help us to build a strong narrative using the 3 act structure. The elements were categorised as Environment, Character and Prop.
The elements I chose were:
Initial Thoughts:
As soon as I read that I had a morgue my first thought was depressing and quickly turned my attention to how I could have a sinister setting but with a lively, funny story. Then I picked the Window Washer and Fishbowl and it fitted perfectly with my first initial idea for a story.
Image 1: Linguini
By having someone as potentially (as an animated character) clumsy and destructive character, it fits the bill to have a job role that you would find in an uncoordinated-charcter driven animated short. By having a Window Cleaner it helps guide me towards a funny and probably stereotypical clumsy narrative. My first influence for this type of character is the dopey young kitchen porter Linguini, from Pixars Ratatouille. However, I'm not going to go into too much detail into the research of influencial caracters just yet as I neeed to feel out my story as well as understand my character. This is just going to be a mental guide because I am set on having a clumsy character like this.

My reaction to the fishbowl as a prop is positive because I could have another charactyer within it who could be the actual main character and dictates the mood of what the animation is set in, this could be done by having the fish react with facial expresssions and exaggerated body language to express his opinions on the actions and consequences of the idiotic secondary character (Window Washer), I'm still trying to find an example of a mainb character working off of secondary character but not being the main focus of action, I know I've seen it somehwere.

Image Source:
Image 1 - http://addictedtomickey.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/whos-who-wednesday-alfredo-linguini.html


  1. when i think about these 3 components, I start thinking that maybe a 'start with the ending' structure might be worth thinking about; i.e. you start of with a dead window washer in a morgue with a goldfish bowl jammed on his head - and then you show us what happened...

  2. haha yes! that is wicked, I am deffinately going to try and use that. I can already feel the ideas swamping my head, the ending can be a loop of the beginning scene of him lying in morgue so it ties the story up nicely. This has given me a good starting point.