Sunday, 13 January 2013

... And their Scenes

Like For Like Story Board Scenes
This follows on from the post that shortlisted possible films. I have gathered chosen scenes for each of my shortlisted 10 so that I can chose my favourite one to do a like for like story board on.
1: Kill bill


2: Up


3: Toy Story


4: The Bourne Ultimatum


5: The Amazing Spider Man



  1. Hey mate good choice of scenes, personally I think you should go for toy story - the camera is all over the place using pov of buzz and when it cuts to different angles and shots. The others look a lot more complicated to me but thats just my opinion. Looking forward to your like for like which ever one you choose :)

  2. Yeah that's what I was thinking it's much more interesting to storyboard. The other ones don't seem to be as dynamic.