Saturday, 1 December 2012

Secret Lair - Weapons

During yesterday's Photoshop tutorial I made a couple of finalised stills of two weapons that I am going to use in my lair as props. Speaking to Photoshop Phil gave me some extra knowledge on the lasso tool and Hidden Selection shortcut which did save me a lot of time.


I used the panel I created in the PS tutorial to use it as a background and dropped the brightness/contrast levels to make it darker.
These two weapons will be used in my final scene to show the character is a warrior. The spears will be hung on a beam whilst the Tomahawk will be strewn along the floor near the fire.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Matt,

    Your tomahawk is looking good, the style is great! One suggestion, if your going for look with the black out the outline around the whole object, I would suggest that using the outline around each shape, as it would really make the object standout more :) For example the bindings loose a slight depth on the head in comparison to the handle. But a really nice piece of work dude :)