Thursday, 13 December 2012

Photoshop Tutorial - Quick Sketches

In this session, also our last :(, saw us use all the techniques we've learnt over the past 12 weeks and utilise them them quickley and effecintley to produce decent thumbnails.
i struggled at first as I've missed quite a few previous tutorials but got the hang of it by the last image. The last one is my favourite one as the vivid colours are striking and I like how the original image, which was a photograph, has morphed into something similar to an alien environment. Which proves that by learning Photoshop Phil's cool skills you can produce absolutely anything original, even from an already completed photograph.

1 - Initially this was the beginning of a giant entrance to a lair but I couldn't pull it off
2 - By this stage it was dawning on me that I had completely misunderstood what Phil was asking of us. However, I do like the texture I created. Maybe in a different project it could come of some use.
3 - This image was the turning point for me in the end, not perfect but it was on the right tracks to Phil's tutorial.
4 - This was the first stage of number 3 before I included the tree's and the web stuff

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