Friday, 9 November 2012

Secret Lairs - A Character Idea and Hero Prop

Supernatural Native American Warrior
Since doing my character profiling research for each component I've finally come up with an idea on how my character could come into apparition.
Using the strong, fierce, soldier like aspects of a native American Warrior, bleneded with a powerful, maybe dark wizard/Shaman gives me an exciting buzz.
I can build a really strong character with supernatural abilities. Matching this person with a suitable hero prop and environment should be equally as fun.
As this character will definately be a warrior, at first glance I think a totem pole may be a good hero prop as this could represent his charateristics (by using amerind animal symbolism) and maybe possess mystical powers?
(maybe not accurate to the pictures, but a rough visual reference. I want this charcter to be a good one, not evil, so ignore the obvious "qualities" of the picture on the right. It was the closet thing I could find of a kind of warrior wizard character.)

1 comment:

  1. You could come up with a really amazing backstory for this character!
    Dark, evil, sadistic forgotten hero tries killing villages - just like the Amerinds enemies, the British. :)

    If you draw the totem pole, you could add all the intricate detailing that makes them so interesting and eye catching. Colours, too.
    I can see magic and a glow around it as if to say it's the power source for the warrior and where he goes to re-energise. It could be a secret portal to his bedroom? Maybe it IS his bed? Vampire style.

    :D xxx