Saturday, 10 November 2012

Secret Lair - New Ideas and Research

More Ideas
I have so many ideas rolling around in my head now that I need to post this as more of a note to myself, as well as notifiying everyone about my development in ideas.

Today I've been looking at Totem Pole meanings, Native American spirit guides, Animal Symbolism meanings and Shamanism. These aspects will help make my hero prop, characteristics and back story.

After doing some research into these elements, I started to get a few ideas about hero props, character traits and environment.
This new research is helping to shape out my idea more now.

My hero prop idea at the moment is a totem pole that possess supernatural energy that the character can use. It could also have carvings of the animals that represent my character, like a wolf for ferocity for example.

For characteristics I'm already thinking of a fierce warrior but to add the element of magician into the mix I've started to look towards the "magic" side of Amerind, which I found out is called a Shaman. I could use this as his source of power (that links with the totem pole-hero prop)

For the animal symbolism I'm going to use this to give my charcter the traits that build him, so I can design the hero prop accordingly, i.e if he is strong than his symbol would be a bear lets say.

I've still got a bit more to do research for weapons, environments and magcian objects. Then I will do thumbnails for all the idea I have researched and thought of that are relevant to the creation of my character, heror prop and environment.
I'll upload the research soon.


  1. Hey Matt :)

    I haven't said it yet, but your customised blog template is suggests that you've got some skills in this area, and that's great :) Personally, I think you're really onto something with both the Shaman idea and the totem pole as hero prop. Progress with confidence - and let's see some thumbnails on here asap; your thumbnails for your previous project were one of the strongest aspects of your first five weeks - so just get your thoughts down as drawings without overthinking too much :)

  2. Wicked, cheers Phil, where i I shall have some up on blogger by tonight. I'm trying my hradest to not overthink and get buried alive in research lol
    I think the shaman is a good aspect because I don't want to neglect the Magician component. After doing totem pole research I feel thta it could link in quite nicely with the backstory of mty character's source of power.