Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Secret lair - Initial Thumbnails

Just a few starter thumbnails

I've started out doing a few initial sketches of weapons and animal character representation. Although they aren't environmental It is apart of my process. I've done key word map on the characteristics of my character and an accessory/inventory one too, next on the list is Environments so that I can start placing these items into their space. This process is helping me shape out my environment because when I start it I'll already have load of objects that need to go somewhere, so the space will come accustomed to the objects rather than the other way round.
However I do feel that I really need to start chiseling away at the lair rather than focus on his weapons but it is helping me in the long run. I think i need to up the pace abit too though.


  1. The top image of the tomahawk is really nice. It has its own unique style which I think could be effective if you can convey this through your other designs and into your 3D work. The owl totem is also quite interesting and could provide to be a strong component within your scene :)

  2. Yeah cheers, I agree. I tried to transfer the style of the first image to the 2nd one of the hunting knife.

    As for the totem pole I'm experimenting with using different animal representation that suits my character's traits. I'm learning how to draw bears, wolves and eagles so I can apply them to my totem pole.

    I haven't looked into the pipe yet but I will definately do so, it sounds intriguing.

  3. Hey Matt, I like the second thumbnail as its texture and use of colour looks interesting. Concerning the third thumbnail, I have a feeling it would look strong once you start experimenting with colours and textures considering your totem pole influence map. can't wait to see more

  4. yep - Matt, stop nibbling this biscuit around the edges - at heart, this is an interior design project - go design some interiors... and yes, time to pick up the pace indeed! Chop chop!