Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Original Thumbnails, Project turnaround.

Below are a few of my original thumbnails. They felt really restricted and flat. I became transfixed on these dead images and I didn't know why.
But then I went to the class crit on friday and saw how the rest of the class had responded to this project and I must admit it has really inspired me to change my whole approach. I feel I understand it better and know what it is I'm doing, what needs to be done and why.
So I went home and started on some new versions of the thumbnails for my chosen 3 scenes and its a revelation. Now, I don't know if my new ones are correct but i feel much more energy from them and I'm much more confident about the help they will give me when it comes to the photoshop stage.

But after getting home last Friday, along with my new found inspiration, I quickly sketched a new version of one chosen scene. This then ignited a flurry of new ideas, all of which will be uploaded shortly.

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