Thursday, 11 October 2012

OGR unit 1

Unit 1 Space


  1. shame about the pixillation....

  2. OGR 12/10/2012

    Hey Matt,

    "Houston, we have a problem"

    I've been waiting patiently to see if any actual drawing/digital painting was going to show up on your blog. I see that you've customised your blog (great!), customised the influence maps (great!) and spent time to get the research aspect of your OGR prepared in readiness for the interim, but I'm thinking that you've been doing a lot of stuff with which you're already comfortable (i.e. Photoshop as an image manipulation package) so as to avoid doing the bit that's scaring you to death - i.e. the actual creative and conceptual challenge of this unit - which is to depict space through 2d representation. It's either that - or you're somehow sitting on a portfolio of loads of great thumbnails etc. that, for some reason, you're not letting me or anyone else see... It's absolutely normal for new students - not from a strong drawing background - to struggle and to feel intimidated in these early stages, and my advice is always, always the same: DO THE WORK. This is how improvement begins and confidence grows; it's actually as simple and as straightforward as that.

    Forgive me if I'm getting this wrong, but I can only presume that you have an issue with expressing your ideas through drawing because in a little under 3 weeks you haven't produced any work, Matt. I have no way of engaging with you creatively now. There is literally nothing for me to see - and this includes your film reviews (3 and counting). Right now, you are doing everything that is most likely to ensure a lack of success in this project. I need to be clear with you about this. The other aspect of this course you need to be clear about (and I have been clear about it in the past),is that the assessment criteria maps very closely against ideas of project management and professionalism - and the prospect of you now trying to complete this project in the remaining 2 weeks doesn't fill me with confidence. That, for example, would be an example of poor project management and minimal professionalism.

    I know you've got some external issues which are effecting your routine, but I don't see how those same issues might be stopping you from producing thumbnails or drawing, or reviewing, or engaging with your classmates etc. I'd like you to email me Matt at so we can discuss your situation and identify ways to improve things for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.