Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cinematic spaces Final Concepts - Scene Two

This one is a reworked pevious thumbnail using shading and smudging to create a cold, autumn feel.
This one came from inspiration of a quick sketched thumbnail, the causeway (which is the funny bridge looking thing) was originally a set of steps but because of the weird angle I drew it in it looked like it was going straight across rather than Up like a staircase, so I thought it would be a good adaption to Scene 2.
This potential scene is a close up of the mansion's entrance.

Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails 26-30

For Scene 3 I'm focusing on the grand entrance hall. My main feature will be the staircase which will give the overall personality of the house, because after all, this house turns out to be a character in the book. A weak staircase design will kill my scene.
So I'm looking further into overall stair configuration, I have pervious thmbnails that look into this briefly but now I'm focusing on them.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wallpaper Design - Scene 3

As part of this scene the Wallpaper will play a vital role in the mood of the entrance hall. As this house is decrepit and badly maintained, the interior has to give off that reaction.
These are two of the same designs but with different effects added to them, I'm hoping to have time to play around with them more but I will have something to texture with at least.


Cartoon Hands...

A couple of Cartoon hands drawn from a tutorial in The Animator's Survival Guide written by animating God Richard Williams. I will try to upload a few other pictures I've done using this book when I can :)

Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails 21-25


Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails 16-20


Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails 11-15


Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails 6-10


Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails 1 - 5






Original Thumbnails, Project turnaround.

Below are a few of my original thumbnails. They felt really restricted and flat. I became transfixed on these dead images and I didn't know why.
But then I went to the class crit on friday and saw how the rest of the class had responded to this project and I must admit it has really inspired me to change my whole approach. I feel I understand it better and know what it is I'm doing, what needs to be done and why.
So I went home and started on some new versions of the thumbnails for my chosen 3 scenes and its a revelation. Now, I don't know if my new ones are correct but i feel much more energy from them and I'm much more confident about the help they will give me when it comes to the photoshop stage.

But after getting home last Friday, along with my new found inspiration, I quickly sketched a new version of one chosen scene. This then ignited a flurry of new ideas, all of which will be uploaded shortly.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Life drawing class - lesson 5

From our most recent life drawing class we focused on light and shadow to create a more realistic approach towards using light to determine the three dimensional aspect of a life model. I really enjoyed this lesson because I feel like I understood it more than the others.
However, I think that I focused more on the background than what the point of the lesson was; the life model and how light and shadow reacft with her anatomy. To improve this next time I would probably scale the model bigger as this is supposed to be the main focus.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Excerpt One synopsis - Pit and The Pendulum

The Pit and The Pendulum is a compelling but very sinister story about a prisoner incarcerated during the Spanish Inquisition era. It starts out with the prisoner being found guilty of Heresy and sentenced to death. He is taken from the courtroom to his cell where he shortly passes out from exhaustion.
He eventually wakes up and tries to establish details of the place he is being held captive, the author expresses a lot of psychological anguish without exposing the character to any visual description. After his inquiry he becomes pitted against a series of deadly tasks with each one progressively harder that all navigate to the same conclusion; death.  The prisoner is forced into a hard decision to make, either end his life early or prolong the inevitable by surviving a sick game at a time which still takes him to death. The character keeps inciting how suicide is a fate worse than death which is possibly a religious reference to the sin of committing suicide.

As the story evolves the character becomes exposed to the main focus of the book – the pit and the pendulum. They start to play a more vital and important role as the prisoner is subjected to the razor sharp blade of the swinging pendulum, he manages to escape after being millimetres from being torn apart. His fate appears sealed as his prison cell changes shape and the walls start to move, pushing him closer and closer to the pit. He starts to accept his death and tries to block it out but then the opposition soldiers storm the Spanish stronghold and spares his life.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Influence map excerpt 1, Visuals

This is the other influence map I've done for the first Excerpt. Ths one focuses only on actual physical places and visual examples of old prison cells, dungeons etc
My favourite ones are numbers 4 and 6 because I feel they captivate what I'm hoping to achieve. I like the mood that the colours and the lighting produce and these are my biggest influencial factors.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Influence Maps - Excerpt 1

This is the first influence map I designed for The Pit and The Pendulum, I thought I'd break it down into two sections for each excerpt. With one focusing on just the colours and textures whilst the other one is about visual influences from real life objects. I thought this would be a good way to know just what it is I'm trying to research and the colour scheme I'm trying to achieve.
For this influence map I've included an array of dark, cold textures with a few images of old wood and scratched worn metal, decrepid stone tiles and rock. These are all elements that occur in the book. Descriptions that I've translated into textures and colours.

Cinematic Spaces: Spaces and Environment

The Pit and The Pendulum - Edgar Allan Poe - 1842


One of the excerpts I've been assigned to is The Pit and The Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe, a famous American writer who's fasicnation included darker themed stories. This particular book is set during the Spanish Inquisition and is a first hand account of a prisoner.
I was hoping for a much more positive book as this excerpt is depressing lol and I don't look forward to researching the dark twisted history from this era but It will be fun to try and express this in my work. From here I will research the time period, prisons etc and build it from there really.