Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Stop Frame Animation

This is my Stop-Frame animation as part of my Final Major Project from my previous college course. This was all done photographically, no video content was used. it took roughly 10000 pictures and 3 weeks to produce.We were briefed to create a short film or animation that was built upon the foundations of stong research that helped us to create our project, rather than just rush into it we had to understand the basic prinicples of research and the importnace of it. My project is based upon a tired worker day dreaming about a nice cold refreshment. My initial idea came from the typical framework of a pixar short animation: a character is trying to get to something but many obstacles get in the way to make it more annoying than usual to achieve. So the idea of a vending machine and all the potential possibilities of things going wrong was an obvious choice. I love stop frame because you can use it to your advantage by hiding how you did things that normally wouldn't be possible so easily.

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  1. Hello Matt, I'm Sammy and just starting year 2 of the course. I've been chosen as your mentor :) Anything you need to know or want advise on or tips etc. just contact me at or at uni. I'll also be following your blog and commenting on your work so you'll always have feedback.

    My major tips for course survival are:
    - Each unit comes with check list. Complete it in order and the creation of the final piece will be easy because you would have already done the work necessary to make it successful. You'll have all the research and the planning and have practiced the technical skills so you'll be confident when it comes to the final swing.

    - Remember your an artist. Be creative with each unit! If you feel you need to sew a character's costume to get it right or make a set out of play-dough just go with it and make sure to blog it. If it will help you to creatively get the best result then it's never wrong!

    - Blog everything and keep professional. Your peers and tutors will be following your work but they can only comment on what they see. Don't be afraid of negative feedback because there's no such thing. If something doesn't work in a midpoint stage it won't work in a final either and it's best you know asap. Your on a time scale with each unit so there's no time to be precious about work (something I'll admit I have a problem with). Comments will only ever be constructive and are essential to your unit's development.

    Ok well that's the 3 key points. Sorry there's a lot to read there but I hope you find it helpful. Hope you've had a good first week.